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Twins build their own apps easily in Microsoft Power Apps and on the Power Platform

We are Zanubia and Zara. We’re ten years old and we study in grade five in Middleton International School. During the COVID-19 lockdown, our father used to work from home. And he used to talk a lot about Power Platform and he used to say it was very easy. So, we were like: if it’s so easy then why can’t we try doing it? When we started learning programming, we used to experience other applications made by other people. And we used to think “why not make our own application?” And that really got us started. It’s drag and drop. It’s no-code, no-code. So, it’s very easy to turn our ideas into reality within a matter of a few hours or days. Pretty much everybody can learn to use it. All you need to know is a bit of Office such as PowerPoint and Excel, and you can get started with your Power Platform.

Zanubia: My favorite app is a book recording app because it helps me to give my own rating and tell what I dislike and like about it.

Zara: My favorite app would be the allergies app. I have recently made this app for my friend who has peanut allergies. So, I decided to help her out and create an app to find out what brands she could eat from and what brands she couldn’t. When we’re not working on Power Apps of Power Platform, we usually like to do outdoor activities. And when we’re not doing that, we usually like to annoy our sister. Imagine a ten-year-old creating an app that uses a scan function and uses an API to retrieve information just all over the weekend. Power Apps does allow you to make better apps.

We want to inspire girls of our age and take up confidence that if these twins can learn Power Platform, use AI and build mobile apps, then why can’t they? We hope to contribute to improving girls’ education and inspire more girls to take up roles in tech.

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