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Almost everybody knows the plethora of feelings one experiences when preparing for a job interview. Am I prepared well enough? What if they ask me a question that I don’t know the answer to? Since job interviews vary depending on the company and field, it is rather hard to successfully prepare for the situation. A lot of people are unsure about where to look for the right preparation resources.

This issue has been directly addressed with a #program developed by #Google: the Interview-Warmup-Tool. This tool can be used to realistically simulate a job interview in various fields. At the beginning, you can choose between Data Analytics, E-Commerce, IT-Support, Project Management, UX-Design, or a general interview. In the next step, the program starts asking interview questions. These questions could very well be parts of a real interview. Starting with more general questions like “Tell me why you would be a suitable candidate for the position” and later going on to technical questions about your preferred project management systems, how you would deal with bugs in the code or how you would resolve a conflict situation in the workplace. Naturally, these questions vary depending on the selected field. The answers can be typed or simply spoken.

After five questions have been answered, the artificial intelligence proceeds to identify patterns and peculiarities of your answers, called “Insights”. While doing so, it differentiates between “job-related terms”, “most used words” and “talking points”. With a simple click of the mouse, you can see the parts of your answer where you mentioned the respective categories. Additionally, the tool gives you recommendations and background information about the selected category and can thus help you to significantly improve the quality of your answers by adding specific elements. Another important point is that the program does not classify your answers as “good” or “bad”, it simply helps you to enhance your them. This way, you can confidently give better answers at your next job interview.

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